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Smarter than I

  • Christopher Hitchens
    Studied liberal who feels the left has abandoned its claim to good will and basic humanity. A cutting and brilliant read.
  • Corner on National Review Online
    The teachers' lounge for leading conservative minds. I check in here all day, every day.
  • Dr. Helen
    Been-there-done-that with the whole death thing. A great read from a former (?) psychologist.
  • Ed Driscoll.com
    A Bay Area conservative and nice enough to offer kind words when I started all this...
  • Gay Patriot
    There is such a thing as a gay conservative!
  • George Will
    Erudite and laugh-out-loud funny.
  • Instapundit
    Glenn Reynolds' always-updated news and law blog
  • La Shawn Barber’s Corner
    Complex and refreshingly direct on race and faith.
  • Michael Barone
    Author of the Almanac of American Politics. Vastly smarter than I.
  • OpinionJournal
    Standard-bearer for the intellectual right. Don't miss Best of the Web every day.
  • Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog
    These folks are working hard to keep the data marketplace free.
  • Protein Wisdom
    Imagine if T.C. Boyle and Hunter Thomspon wrote a right-of-center blog.
  • ScrappleFace
    By Scott Ott. I need a name that rhymes like that. And I also need to be funny.

Friends of OR in SF

  • Lulu Loves Manhattan
    ...but now she is off to London. Foodie blog. British cuisine is the butt of many jokes but I am sure she will guide us well on London eats.
  • [caught In between]
    aka LAGtime, Larry and I often have great discussions on intellectual property, open source and web development.
  • Follow the Crooked Road
    My buddy M@, a man of many ideas. Brand new blog.

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