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17 December 2005



I agree, WW II is a better comparison; and I have used it in some of my letters to editors on the subject.

But I would also argue that the same can be said for any struggle against an expansionist totalitarian movement that constitutes a threat to the free world. That would include the Cold War (See Norman Podhoretz's WW IV in Commentary).

The current "continental European instinct for appeasement," to use your words is an excellent analogy. And, unfortunately, it appears that history may repeat itself again.

Vietnam is fair game only because we failed to fight to victory, and refused to support the South Vietnamese when after the armistice, obtained by finally bobbing the North, the latter invaded the South. The result, Canbodia, re-education camps and the hundreds of thousands of fleeing Vietnamese risking their lives on the open seas.

Need we say more?

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